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Crazy Shooter Online - mp

Crazy Shooter Online - mp
Crazy Shooter Online (PC Game)
FPS game with perspective of animation.

Can you play this game online similar like Several games in the same style and with the same Objective but each games has it's own set of character which differentiate them which each other.This point of differentiation is also categories them according to player interesting and level of adventure.In this adventures online you can dance with your character to recover life or shoot with a special beam to our enemies and turn them into animals, free games like this are not very often seen! The game Provides a large arsenal of Weapons and five game modes.

Crazy Shooter Online - mp

In addition you can also touring the camp to learn basic moves and tactics that are going to serve the time to play on massively servers with people around the mundo. Crazy is an online shooter type game is a FPS (First Person Shooter). We Have A good arsenal of Weapons, and five game modes.Although it is a shooting game in first person like many Others but the curious and fun aspects what makes it different from the rest is:-

for example downstream Pump that turns enemies to funny and cute little enemies and dance recuperate in which the character starts dancing to Regain vitality.


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