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Video Tutorials Character Modeling


Video Tutorials Character Modeling

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In this DVD Alessandro shows his workflow to model a stylized character for production, based on a given concept. The essential steps are covered, starting with the presentation of the initial 2D concept and associated reference materials. Alessandro then demonstrates blocking out the character with ZSpheres in ZBrush using the concept as reference for proportions. This becomes his base in 3ds Max to block out all the main components through polymodeling. Next, he details the character with a combination of polymodeling techniques in 3ds Max and ZBrush sculpting. Particular attention is paid to keeping the topology of the various parts consistent for an animation environment, showing in particular how to efficiently retopologize parts in 3ds Max to achieve a better geometry distribution. After modeling an addition to the character not present in the initial concept, Allesandro renders and presents the final model in ZBrush in the form of a character sheet and a turntable.



1.       Image Planes and Blocking in Helmet

2.       Blocking in Character

3.       Adding Details

4.       Hands and Boots

5.       Straps and Pouches

6.       Strap Details

7.       ZBrush Setup

8.       Sculpting the Face

9.       Sculpting Boots

10.   Detailing the Helmet

11.   Attaching Helmet Symbol

12.   Sculpting the Pants

13.   Sculpting the Jacket

14.   Modeling the Backpack

15.   Sculpting and Detailing the Backpack

16.   Retopology

17.   Finishing the Character

18.   Turntable Render (no audio)


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