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Learn and Master Guitar - Setup and Maintenance with Greg Voros

Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance with Greg Voros | 2.57 GB
Youll learn how to properly restring your guitar and how to adjust the action from the bridge to the saddles. Youll discover how to adjust the neck and check the relief. Does your guitar play out of tune? Youll learn the fundamentals of intonation. Youll also learn how to care for and clean your guitar with complete confidence.

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The better your guitar is set up, the easier it is to play ... and the more likely you are to play and practice with it, improving your musical talent as a result.

The Instructor

Greg Voros, master luthier, has spent years working on guitars for the legendary George Gruhn of Gruhns Guitars. Hes been entrusted with the repair, restoration, and setup of guitars ranging in value from 100 to 250,000. Hell share the skills and knowledge hes picked up through his years of working on some of the most valuable instruments in the world.

With Gregs professional setups, my guitars play and sound their best on stage and in the studio. I trust Greg to get the job done right, every time. Tyler Unger, guitarist, Five Times August and Nashville studio musician

The Guitar Setup course includes:

3 full length DVDs of instruction
Instruction on tuning and adjusting intonation
How to adjust the action, bridge, and pickup height
How to adjust the neck for precise relief
Full cleaning/maintenance of your instrument

Weve chosen four of the most common guitars to use as examples in this course. Youll learn while following a setup of the Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson L7 arch top acoustic guitar, and a Martin flat top acoustic guitar.

If youre guitar is not one of these, dont worry. The concepts and steps to these setups will apply to your guitar as well. You can have a better playing and sounding instrument in a matter of hours!



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